Antiqua Libbey

Antiqua Libbey

Dee is a gift from heaven. Her word is powerful and she is full of wisdom and truth. I am honored to be her student, friend and have her as part of my inner circle. Everyone on earth needs to listen to what she has to say.


Jeannie Alaimo

I am so blessed that my path in life intersected with Dee Adio-Moses. Her commitment to the growth of spirit, awareness, acceptance and love is a gift needed by this world. Her message needs to be heard by everyone, she is truly an inspiration!


Shelley J Whitehead

I so Highly Recommend Dr Dee Adio-Moses, Author, Motivator, Friend and wonderful visionary. Her generosity and caring are her trademark. It is such a treat to assist her with her Teleseminar. As one of her international speakers .


Suzy Miller

Very impressed with Dee Adio-Moses –Great working with her. Her vision, her passion, and her courage in everything she does is commendable especially her getting so many great speakers together for such an amazing world-wide web event!


Deena Jones

To look at her you can see the light. She’s a great teacher and way shower.


Wendi Dillard

Dee’s a true visionary and inspiration!


Hollis Colquhoun

Dr. Dee is a wonderful, multi-talented professional and spiritual leader! I highly recommend her.  We have had great collaborations and I really love working with her.


Jonathan Lederman

Rev. Dr. Dee Adio-Moses is an inspiration and walks her talk empowering others to excel.



Dr. Dee is strong and mighty with her words of wisdom. She connects with Jesus consciousness to help others. I greatly admire her as a mentor and friend.


Bukky Akintobi

Dee is a blessing to anyone she comes across through her awesome gift of ministration & prayers. Her belief in and passion for God are so transparent that one gets easily uplifted after an encounter with her.

Rev Dee, she was an inspiration to my daughter.Rev Dee is a very special person and a great humanitarian.


Suzanne Jeffers

Dee has a huge heart for helping others be successful in using their gifts. She has mentored me  for years and I love partnering with her on projects. She is highly recommended.


Marian Martins

Rev Dee has a vision to nurture others with her wisdom; she lives a life of purpose and an inspiration for the world to see. She is the best mentor and teacher that I know and highly recommend her


Tele Opakunle

Dee is a mentor. Her energy is formidable! Highly recommended.


Angela Johnson

Love to you Dee. You are an earth angel and I am so glad we know you.


Audrey Taylor

Dee is an outstanding author, speaker and coach. She has a wonderful gift of bringing out the best in everyone she encounters. You will always benefit from your connection with her.


Toyin Osuntuyi

Dr. Dee is an effective teacher and great mentor. I recommend Dr. Dee highly because I have benefitted a lot from her teachings and I know her process works.


Sheree Mendez

Dr. Dee is simply awesome! A very beautiful soul:


David Wodtke

Dr. Dee is simply awesome! Her presence is a force beyond words, and her words are practical and inspiring. Experiencing her program has been very life transforming for me.


Raja Crumby

Dee is someone to whom I tender great trust where issues of life purpose, integrity and spiritual insight are concerned. Her commitment to uplifting the human spirit and encouraging each of us to live authentically is a stellar and much need quality in today’s world.


Mary Taylor-brown

Dee Adio-Moses is full of positive energy and she makes positive change a reality. She is very supportive and a wonderful speaker. It is my honor to recommend her


Damia Bolling

Rev.Dee’s approach to assisting others unlock and actualize their potential is intuitive and gentle. She holds light as her clients find their way. I recommend Rev. Dee to anyone who is looking for wise, intuitive and empowering council


Wunmi Adeogun

Dee’s has a strong spirit, with determination & courage she’s fulfilling her God given ministry in her world. The Spirit of the LORD is moving mightly in her and all we see, is the manifestations of Divinity. For this, I recommend Dee.


Yacine Woodall

Dee’s light shines so bright from her heart that in her presence everyone is helped by her loving power. She is always being a channel for raising consciousness. It is my honor and pleasure to recommend Dee.


Adio-moses Mercy

She’s a mentor and a gift to our world. I recommend  the wonderful works she does.


Tee Fabikun

Dee cares a lot about people. Always learning and looking for ways to help others. A good teacher and an excellent motivator.I recommend Dr Dee very highly.


Virginia White

Dee’s wisdom, insight and willingness to aid others is what I love about her. She is very passionate about the work she does and is always educating, elevating and motivating you to be your best. Thanks Dee.


Annette Samuels

Dee is an inspiration to all. She is honest and walks in light and love. I love being in her energy as you are never the same when you leave. Dee is an excellent teacher of consciousness. Thanks Dee for sharing your love.


Jackie Paulson

Dee has such spiritual insights that you will learn from her books. She can motivate and uplift anyone! I have listened to her and followed her advice and now I am on my way to success! My Mentor and friend for life, thank you Dr. Dee.

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