What is holding You Back?

What is holding you back?
Dr. Dee Adio-Moses
Year after Year, many people do not achieve their dream because of something that is holding them back that they are aware of or not. Look at these statements that I have used for many of my students to be able to look inward to zero in on what is holding them back.

➢ I am too old – You are never too old-expect to live to hundred.
➢ I don’t have a good education- look for how to get the education- maybe even free.
➢ I am a victim of …seek help for the healing of this experience and then use it as your stepping stone to your greatness. I teach people how to do this here https://www.drdeeadiomoses.com/trusted-expert
➢ I do not have enough money- go out and earn it, borrow it. There is always a way when there is a will.

2. BANG UPS? Are old hurts, old defeats, and old setbacks haunting, holding and hurting you?
➢ ‘I’ll never get married again’
➢ ‘I’ll never trust anyone again”
➢ I’ll never believe in God again’
➢ ‘I’ll never go into business again’
➢ ‘I’ve been burned once- never again’

If you think this way you have allowed past unfortunate incidents to move in and dominate you.
My advice is for you not to allow bad memories manipulate you

3. GANG-UPS? Are they dragging you down to keep you from launching out? Is competition building up? Are your business enemies ganging up on you? A positive mental attitude is your only answer.
Here is a good story!
A Chinese man operated a small store in the city block. One day, a huge chain store started constructing on one side of the street and on the other side, a big department store started their own construction. He was crushed between two giants. The day of opening came and both put big banners up saying “ Grand Opening Sale” what did the little man in the middle do? He hung a sign over his doorway reading “ MAIN ENTRANCE”

4. RANG UPS? Are they holding you back? Have you rung up so many accomplishments, victories and achievements that you are tired and decided to retire. Do you look at the trophies and awards of yesterday and rest on their glories?
“ I have gone down the hill since I won the highest award in my office” a student shared “ I guess I was trying to prove something to someone and now I don’t care anymore.
How do you overcome this? I say- let your Creator stimulate you. A great affirmation “I press towards the mark of the High calling of God”

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