Live Again After Divorce by Dr. Dee Adio-Moses

22 Apr


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After the divorce, you are probably having a lot of mixed feelings inside. On the one hand, you are finally glad this day has come. There have been a lot of problems, turmoil, and complications in your marriage for years, and you don’t have to deal with them anymore. So you are relieved. On the other hand, you can’t believe this day has actually come. Even though you’ve had tons of horrible problems in your marriage for years, you always hoped deep down that you could work out all the “issues” and live happily ever after. Am I right?
Well, divorce did happen. Now you need to move forward and live a happy, full, and “exciting life“ after the divorce. Your life is NOT over, it is just beginning. Know you can be happy after the divorce; you don’t have to wonder any more. Of course you can be happy…VERY happy.
One of the biggest perks to finally being finished with the divorce and moving on is that you can live life your own way. You don’t have to ask for permission, or make decisions based on anyone else but yourself. You can choose the future you’ve always wanted. It just takes a step in that direction… then another step, and another. Before you know it, you’ve made it through the divorce into the life of your dreams with success, achieving goals that probably wouldn’t have been realized if you were still married.”
So the question is: “What’s the quickest way to move from the pain of your divorce to a new better life”? The answer is –“by tapping into the minds of people who have been through this and have moved on to a new and better life.” Successful single life means a move up for the recently divorced and being able to say, “been there, done that.”

I have found that so many divorced individuals don’t have anyone to fall back on, ask questions of, or learn from. They took years to recover. Have you “been there” trying to make your own way? It’s frustrating and it takes time. Moving on from divorce is not easy and certainly won’t happen overnight, especially when you blindly repeat the mistakes others have made. Are you tired of doing it on your own? Let me ask you: Wouldn’t it be great to zip past the “experimental” efforts and avoid the slip-ups?
The Goal is to build and maintain a successful conversion to a new and better life in a reasonable short amount of time.
The tendency with many people especially after divorce is to look backward and with regret. The sad memories, burdens of the past..the blaming experiences…
The “looking” should be the other way–forward. Cultivating the mood of living regretfully in your past life takes you backward in every sense, mental and physical. The human mind just loves to hold tenaciously to the past. It likes to recall the past and mourn over it.
The change is in being able to renew your mind to care very little for its past. The desire to the past pull us back from advancing toward greater power and greater pleasure. Leave the past behind so that you do not pay the price having to drag your dead life behind you. That dead life has done its work for you, and if we can be truthful, it probably brought you more pain than pleasure. Looking behind means carrying the memory and burden of that pain. It is like the bird that always insists on carrying the shell from which it was hatched. Fling away your sad memory. If you can’t fling it off, ask for help from GOD, the Supreme Power to help you do so, and such help will come through people, situations and new experiences.

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