10 Sep

Man is the image-likeness of God. ”Let us make man in our own image” God said. It is the answer to the question “What is man?” You are the divine inhabitant of body and mind. You are an original creation … Read More »

You will manifest as much as you believe you deserve

3 Sep

You deserve to be great, you deserve to experience incredible love, you deserve great health, and you definitely deserve your heart desire. Believe it, strengthen your relationship with God and continue to work the principles to manifest God in incredible ways.

You will manifest as much as you desire

26 Aug

God, the invisible substance out of which all visible things are formed, is all around you, waiting to come forth into manifestation. This good substance all about you is unlimited, and is itself the supply of every demand that can be made, of every need that exists in the visible or natural world.
Believe the limitlessness of God to believe that you can manifest all that you desire.

You will manifest as much as you ask for

20 Aug

God is the substance of all things visible and invisible, and is omnipresent (everywhere present). There is no such thing as lack of God or lack of substance in any place in this universe.

The New Me Coaching Program

5 Mar

The “NEW ME” program is a 6 week comprehensive coaching course that begins the transformation process into the new you. In this program I will walk you through 6-key steps to create the life transformation for you: Strategic Life Planning … Read More »

The Catalyst Coaching Program

5 Mar

his program is normally a 45-Minute Session-we are looking forward to spending more time with you with this special package which is now 90 mins. Our committment  to  having this life changing program to be more accessible to our members … Read More »