You will manifest as much as you ask for

20 Aug

Dear Friend,

The laws of the universe are fixed, immutable laws and they are joined together; if you have one of them, you must have the other. This is illustrated by the laws of geometry.

For instance, the sum of the angles of a triangle is equal to two right angles. No matter how large or small the triangle, no matter whether it is made on the mountaintop or leagues under the sea, if you are asked the sum of its angles, you can unhesitatingly answer—without waiting an instant to count or reckon this particular triangle—that it is just two right angles. This is absolutely certain. It is certain, even before the triangle is drawn by visible lines; you can know it beforehand, because it is based on unchangeable laws, on the truth or reality of the thing. It was true just as much before anyone recognized it as it is today. Knowing it or not knowing it does not change the truth. Only in proportion that you come to know it as an eternal truth, will you be benefited by it.

Spirit is not matter, and Spirit is not person. In order to perceive the essence of Being, reject the idea that God is restricted in any way or has any of the limitations usually ascribed to persons, things, or anything having form or shape.

You must focus on Spirit. Your human thoughts transmit their own images, and form their offspring after human illusions. God, Spirit, works spiritually, not materially. Ideas—pure, perfect, and enduring—are transmitted by the divine Mind.

Spirit is that which cannot be damaged or destroyed. Matter is always damaged or destroyed, but not Spirit. The world is being constantly renewed; you and I change our skin over a period of time; old things go and new things take over. Spirit never changes; it is the same today, tomorrow and for infinity.

The knowledge of you being a spiritual being brings about the knowledge of being made in the image of God and with this in mind, asking becomes a spiritual experience.  What you must work on is to be so in tune with God Spirit in you that what you ask for by your actions and your thoughts will be in alliance with what God wants for you-which is to “live life abundantly

Look around you and list all the things in your life that you do not want. Know that you have used your magnet to attract many of them. You have ordered them into your life through the power of your beliefs and expectations. Now, if you do not want them any more, write beside each one what you need to do in order to stop attracting it.

God is the substance of all things visible and invisible, and is omnipresent (everywhere present). There is no such thing as lack of God or lack of substance in any place in this universe.

Ask for your heart desire, ask by thinking about it, ask by planning it, working it and be ready for it’s manifestation.

To God’s  manifestation in your life


Dr. Dee Adio-Moses

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