You will manifest as much as you desire

26 Aug

Some have been taught that God is a personal being who rules the universe much after the manner of an arbitrary monarch. This erroneous and contracted teaching has led to a belittlement of God in man’s concept and they have imaged a man-god, and have also formed a “graven image” of God, who is Spirit.

The point to be clearly established is that God exercises none of His attributes except through the inner consciousness of the universe and man. God is the “still small voice” in every soul that heals and blesses and uplifts, and it is only through the soul that He is made manifest as perfect wholeness.

Drop from your mind that God is a magnified man, a bigger version of yourself. If you think of God as a bigger, better version, with more wisdom, more of everything, it is the same way an ant thinks of humans as being only better and bigger than themselves.

Drop from your mind the idea that God is a being of majesty and power in the sense that you humanly interpret majesty and power.

Drop from your mind the belief that God is in any way separated from you or that He can be manifested to you in any way except through your own consciousness.

How accessible do you think God is? Do you think He can be approached only through certain religious ordinances? Do you think you need to pray in a strict formal way, and attend church in order to know God?.

Think of this- if God is Spirit, the principle of intelligence and life, everywhere present at all times, He must be just as accessible as a principle of mathematics and fully as free from formalism.

When a mathematician finds that his answer to a problem is not correct, he consults the principle and works out the correct solution. He knows that all mathematical problems are inherent in mathematical principles and that only through them can they be worked correctly. If he persistently ignored principles and blundered around in a jungle of experiments, he would be attempting to get up “some other way,” and the result will be failure.

For all of us, there is but one way- God, the infinite Mind in expression. This is the way, and this Mind is always within reach of every man, woman, and child. If things are not working out for us, by not experiencing our heart desire,we should, like the mathematician go back to the drawing board and work on our relationship with God and the principles of connecting.

God is Spirit, and the sum total of all good. There is no good that you can desire in your life, which, at its center, is not God. God is the substance of all things— —the real thing within every visible form of good.

God, the invisible substance out of which all visible things are formed, is all around you, waiting to come forth into manifestation. This good substance all about you is unlimited, and is itself the supply of every demand that can be made, of every need that exists in the visible or natural world.

Believe the limitlessness of God to believe that you can manifest all that you desire.

To God’s manifestation in your life





Dr. Dee Adio-Moses

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